Bay Frame Sabino Overo Double Registered Thoroughbred Stallion

Bay Frame Sabino Overo Double Registered Thoroughbred Stallion
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Bay Frame Sabino Overo Double Registered Thoroughbred Stallion

Welcome to Colorworld Ranch's Website! I Hope you enjoy your visit with the horses and that you will tell others about us. Please feel free to e-mail Colorworld Ranch with any comments, questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Here at Colorworld, every Horse is registered with the Jockey Club. Most of the Thoroughbreds are also double registered with "The American Paint Horse Association." The Breeding emphasis is on Speed and the rare frame Overo coat color (which is probably what brought you to this site).

None of our horses carry a dominant white gene, SB1 or any of the three splashed white genes. All horses have been DNA'd tested. Our horse's beautiful patterns will not lighten, fade or roan out as they age.

Spotted Thoroughbreds, although rare, are Not New! Overo Thoroughbreds were documented to have occurred as early as the 1700's. Below is a picture of an oil painting made in 1790 of a racehorse owned by King George III. It hangs in "The Walker Art Gallery, National Museums" in Liverpool, England.

Frame Overo Bay and White Thoroughbred
King of Trumps

In 1993, "Tri Chrome" appeared and shocked the Thoroughbred world with his stunning Bay and White Frame pattern. Although he was never bred before his death, his impact was tremendous!

Overo Coat Pattern Thoroughbred
Tri Chrome

With the Appearance of Tri Chrome, the whole world knew that it was possible to have a gorgeous overo coat color on a registered Thoroughbred Horse with 300 years of breeding. In our minds and the minds of many other Horsemen - It just didn't get any better than this!!

With that thought in mind, the focus of my 30 year breeding program changed from breeding outstanding Paint halter horses to breeding fast Thoroughbreds with Great color.

In Conclusion, I would like to dedicate this website to the memory of my lifetime favorite Horse - Super Too. She was an outstanding Superior Paint Halter horse, but more importantly, she taught me the difference between a really good horse and a Truly Great Horse!

Chestnut Frame Overo Mare
Super Too
(6/13/75 - 1/9/96)

For Every Joy That Passes
Something Beautiful Remains Behind!

Now - Enjoy Your Visit!

Nancy McEachern D.V.M.
Nancy McEachern D.V.M.

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