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Bay Frame Sabino Overo 
				Thoroughbred Double Registered

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Bay Frame Sabino Overo 
				Thoroughbred Double Registered

"ELLUSIVE QUEST" has the FASTEST time for an official 3/8s of a mile work on 3-14-03 at Turf Paradise!!!!!
His time for 3 furlongs was officially 34.8 seconds. 27 thoroughbreds worked that morning!

"QUEST" is the Thoroughbred that has it all! He has speed, exquisite markings, a great temperment, INCREDIBLE conformation and class. His fabulous markings are attributable to the extremely Rare frame overo gene which is in combination with the sabino gene (Not the SB1 gene). He is a 2000 model and received his race training from Ken Hoskins. Due to the tragic and untimely loss of his brother, I felt it necessary to prematurely end his career as a race horse.

"QUEST" is registered with Both the "Jockey Club" and "The American Paint Horse Association" and is an approved and listed sire with the "American Quarter Horse Association"."Sorry", there are no current plans to stand "Quest" to the public in 2010 or 2011.

for Photos of some of "Ellusive Quest's" Foals

for "Ellusive Quest's" APHA Progeny Report.

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